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Live-edge Hickory Bookshelf/Drybar

This live--edge bookshelf/drybar was build from a slab of hickory that the customer picked out at a local sawmill. The hickory slab was stabilized with epoxy and finished with a non-toxic, natural finish.


Custom Birch Murphy Bed

This Murphy bed was built to custom specifications using birch and a high-end adjustable bed mechanism, allowing the bed to be easily lowered and stowed.


Custom Cedar Porch

This sturdy porch was built entirely from reclaimed cedar, displaying joinery in areas that are visible.


Custom Hickory End Tables

These end tables were commissioned to match the drybar, from the same hickory slabs. Traditional joinery was utilized to ensure many generations of use.


Custom Barn Door

This barn door was constructed to custom dimensions using both tongue and groove and dowel joinery, ensuring many years of use.


Custom Train Table

This train table, built to custom dimensions, was reinforced with a lightweight internal frame, ensuring many years of heavy use by children.

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